Our Services

Landscape Services

We provide a variety of landscaping services to achieve your vision of the ideal outside living space. We can implement a pre-existing design or offer advice to improve your home landscaping and outdoor setting which we will gladly design. In addition, we can install patios, driveways, walkways, retaining walls, fountains, and many other features to improve the landscape of your home.

Fertilization and Seeding

HR Partners provides premium fertilization for lawns, shrubbery, and trees to maintain a green and vibrant outdoor setting. Typically, nitrogen and micro-nutrients are applied during an initial visit followed by application of a fertilizer to promote vibrant color and root growth during the second visit.

Lawns will also be core-aerated as needed in order to relieve soil compaction, increase water retention, and control thatch build up. Seeding and other options for turf re-establishment or ground cover will be provided to ensure lawn recovery and long-term health.

Lawn and Shrubbery Maintenance

Premium lawn and shrubbery maintenance services will be done on a regular basis or as a one-time service to suit your specific needs. This maintenance service includes lawn mowing, edging, weed removal, and pruning of shrubbery. In addition, trimming of turf can be done around trees, ornamental mulch beds, buildings, fences, signs, poles, utility boxes, hydrants and other features during each mowing.

Leaf Removal and Cleaning

Removal services of leaf and other organic debris from lawns, beds, driveways, and other areas are also offered. Mulching blades are used to convert organic debris into mulch to replenish lawns and soil with nutrients. These services are provided seasonally or as needed, including general spring clean-up.


We provide seasonal mulching to ensure the health of your lawn, shrubbery, flower beds, and tree rings. Premium quality double shredded hardwood will be used as underlying mulch, and decomposed mulch will be recycled and used as a top-dressing.

Weed Prevention and Control

HR Partners offers comprehensive weed prevention and control services to ensure healthy and vibrant lawns and beds. In the spring, beds will be treated prior to mulching for pre-emergent weed prevention. Additionally, post-emergent weeds will be removed by hand or by application of a non-selective herbicide as part of your concurrent lawn maintenance program.


Seasonal flower rotation and maintenance of perennials is offered as well. Properly pruning and the removal of deadwood, intertwining limbs and sucker growth, will allow reducing the chances of insect or disease infestation and safety hazards. Allow HR Partners to properly take care of your trees and plants to maintain the appeal to your home.

Pavers and Stonework

HR Partners provide services to make patios, driveways, retaining walls, and more. We are able to create designs to match your needs with any stone of your choice. Retaining walls have been designed to provide a structural unit with a stone-like face. The blocks are irregular in size to create a surface that is variable and more imitative of real stone. Different manufacturers will offer their own shapes, textures, and colors to create their own system of construction creating a unique and beautiful design.

Tree Services

We offer a wide variety of tree services listed as follows: planting new trees, tree trimming, removal of unwanted trees or stumps, relocation of trees, give tree advice like where to place a tree or what kind of tree to get, and provide a routine maintenance to ensure quality growth.

Commercial Snow Removal

HR Partners offer commercial snow removal including ice control, snow plowing, sidewalk shoveling, and ice removal. We have the proper equipment and manpower to provide timely clearing of any size area.